About Lou Pierozzi

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Based in the northern suburbs of Chicago, ceramist Lou Pierozzi maintains
his studio where he dedicates himself to creating artwork that is inspired by
timeless designs. In his travels, Pierozzi has explored Asia, the Caribbean, and natural preserves in the United States. He allows his work to be influenced by the people he has encountered and the cultures he experiences.

He is also influenced by his exploration of ancient ceramics and uniquely stylized architecture. This is reflected in his work and inspires his organic patterns, fluid textures and peaceful colors. Pierozzi strives to strike a balance between form and
Pierozzi individually hand crafts each one of his ceramic pots on the potter’s wheel. He carefully designs each pot with thoughtfulness and style, so each piece is unique. He has been dedicated to his craft for over twenty five years, which is demonstrated in his ability to create exquisite work that can be both functional and cherished as a beautiful piece of art.
Lou Pierozzi received his M.F.A from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 2001 and his B.F.A from DePaul University in 1997. Pierozzi is currently the Chair of Art and Design and also a Professor of Art at Oakton Community College where he has taught for the past 17 years.
His artwork has appeared in numerous publications including Ceramics Monthly, Ceramics Art and Perception, Clay Times, and Clay Art China. His artwork has been on display in numerous galleries and museums including The American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, CA; Lancaster Museum of Art in Lancaster, PA; Sherryl Terrell Gallery in Cincinnati, OH; Lill Street in Chicago, IL; and the Hyart Gallery in Madison, WI.

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